What Pikolinos Shoes Go Well with a Midi or Long Dress?

The dress is one of the most important elements of the women's wardrobe, which you need to be able to combine with different shoes, as well as accessories, so as not to look ridiculous. So that you do not have problems when creating a stylish image with such a wardrobe element, let's see what kind of Pikolinos shoes to wear with a dress of different lengths.

What Pikolinos shoes to wear with a midi dress - the best combination

Midi length dress is one of the most difficult in matching. When combining it with different types of Pikolinos shoes, it is very important to observe all the proportions so that you do not visually shorten your legs visually, do not reduce the height and do not make your figure shapeless. In order not to make any mistakes in choosing the right Pikolinos shoes, it is important to take into account the features of the cut of the dress.

If you chose a dress with a long sleeve, you can combine it with different kinds of Pikolinos shoes. For models from light fabrics it is worth choosing sandals with high heels, but for a dress made of dense fabric ballet shoes, classic Pikolinos shoes with a low heel, or slip-ons are a great match. In this case, it is not so important what Pikolinos shoes to wear with a fashionable dress. Any image can be successful.

If you choose a slinky dress, it is best to combine it with any high-heeled shoes or classic shoes. When it comes to ankle boots, you should combine these clothes carefully, because such a combination can also visually shorten your figure. If you choose a slinky dress, it is best to combine it with any high-heeled Pikolinos shoes.

You can wear a lace dress with rough boots (if you build an image on contrasts), and classical stilettoes, if you want to make the image feminine and refined. The same applies to fashionable dresses with flared skirt.

If you decide to wear an oversize dress, it's best to stop your choice on the flat shoes: sneakers, sandals, slip-on Pikolinos shoes. But you should not experiment with shoes on high heels in this case.

In general, if you are afraid to experiment with midi-length dresses, choose Pikolinos shoes on the platform or on high heels – you will never be mistaken. But if you like modern sports images, you can combine such clothes with slip-ons or sneakers of any color.

What Pikolinos shoes to wear with a long dress

A long dress can be combined with low-heeled Pikolinos shoes, and sandals. If you have picked up exclusive sandals or shoes for this outfit, combine them with an ankle attire so that others can appreciate your Pikolinos shoes. In the event that you chose an outfit of light fabric, it is best to combine it with shoes, sandals and even sneakers on a platform. But with the outfits of velvet or other dense fabrics, light classic stilettos with a thin heel will look the best.

Summer flying clothes you can also freely combine not only with sandals, but also with sneakers as well as the ballet shoes. For the winter models of the same length, you can also choose boots, but you need to consider that their bootleg should end 15 cm below the knee.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of the Pikolinos shoes for an evening dress. Ordinary sandals do not fit here - only classic Pikolinos shoes or suede boots. For cocktail dresses of the same length, you can pick up high sandals. It is desirable for them to be decorated with rhinestones or beads, especially if you chose a laconic monophonic outfit.

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