Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury is the law applying to compensation claims for individuals injured as a results of an accident or exposure to an occupational disease. There are many varieties of personal injury claim: as an example, motor claims (car, push-bike and bike accidents); public liability claims (such as claims against the council for slips and trips); employers’ liability claims (accidents at work); and occupational disease claims (such as exposure to dangerous products).

Personal injury lawyers, also referred to as plaintiff lawyers or trial lawyers handle cases concerning:

  • Personal injury leading to serious injuries or death of a loved one
  • Medical malpractice and harm
  • Cases of assault and battery
  • Insurance companies’ refusal to pay money for medical expenses of the victim or whose coverage is a smaller amount than what was contracted
  • Slander, libel and defamation
  • Product fault and liability
  • Injuries occurring when on the land or premise of the defendant party

    Claimant solicitors at first meet with the client, acquire their instructions and establish the retainer (which is usually no-win-no-fee). After this, solicitors investigate the circumstances of the accident and give notice of the claim to the liable party, resolving liability for the injury. If a potential applier’s solicitors can then acquire medical records to substantiate the injury and instruct an independent health worker to report on the injury, it’s then time to spot the monetary losses sustained as a results of the injury, value the claim and discuss a settlement. If liability is denied or a settlement cannot be agreed then court proceedings are issued, and the case gets ready for trial.

    Accident lawyers Durham have a robust code of ethics, a dedication to justice and a compassion for his or her clients. They’re additionally effective advocates for their clients. They possess robust research and analytical skills to be able to adequately gather and examine information in support of their client’s case.

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