DUI Lawyers

Driving a vehicle under the influence (DUI) is a very serious criminal charge in Canada, despite how common it could appear, since impaired driving puts the lives of numerous individuals in danger. Based on such factors as alcohol concentration in your blood also known as BAC; whether or not anyone was killed or severely injured as a result of the car accident as well as you criminal record, you may be facing a major jail sentence and/or hefty fines.

So should you get a lawyer for a DUI? Doing so is usually in your best interests, particularly if there are aggravating factors. However there are some instances where hiring a DUI lawyer will not make much of a difference in connection with the final outcome of your case.

When you probably do not need a DUI lawyers

You probably will not want the assistance of an attorney if it's your 1st offense; there have been no injuries; and there's a really good chance that you are going to be condemned of a DUI. In these cases, chances are fairly high that you can plead guilty or no contest and then be subject to the regular sentence and legal penalties. If your BAC was notably high (0.08 % is the limit in Canada) and/or if the officer has extra, robust proof of impairment (erratic driving, smell of alcohol on your breath, slurred speech, etc.), then the probability of a conviction is sort of high.

Should you get a lawyer for a dui? Get a free legal evaluation

It may be tough deciding whether or not to turn to an attorney if you were charged with a DUI. On one hand, a lawyer will assist with defending you against less-than-solid charges or where the stakes are particularly high. However, you may not wish to spend quite a lot of money for something you'll be able to do yourself with a little effort and determination. Therefore, we suggest you get a free legal consultation first.

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